There are a lot of moon books out there in the market which provides information on the moon and its phases and cycles. The moon has been, since time immemorial an object of intrigue and mystery. There is something about the moon that is otherworldly and draws man towards it, as a result of which the moon has been the subject of a vast number of stories, poems, and books!

Any planet book you find will give you the basic information about the moon; this will be about the moon’s orbit, the elliptical pathway that the moon follows around the earth each month. This pathway is not a perfect circle; it is an ellipse, the distance from the earth and moon is always different depending on the position in orbit.

Each year the largest and the smallest distance of the moon from the land changes. Books about the Moon will have information regarding moon explorations to academic theories about the moon. A common subject in books about the moon is the history of exploration of the moon that narrates the process in which Apollo was designed. Also, history about the launches to the moon. And how astronauts get out of the satellite and all about moon walking.

Many of these books are very detailed. There are books that tell you all about Neil Armstrong and David Scott and about them landing on the moon and walking on it. The more detailed books have all the information about Apollo 11. The team members and the training they had to go to. There are many other topics on moon books you can find.

The Moon – could it be a colony? It has been toyed with for years now the thought of colonizing the moon and even Mars. The exploration of the fascinating satellite, which is the moon is far from over, so make sure you get a few moon books to satisfy your curiosity. Daily pointers make it easy for you to access and experience the influence the moon has on your everyday life. The moon calendar combines the solar calendar with the moon phases and positions.

Since the moon has no atmosphere, it is not livable. The surface of the planet is covered with a mixture of debris and fine dust called the regolith. Moon contains craters, basins, and Maria. The dark spots on the globe that are seen from the earth are made of basalt, which is a very dense material.

The first person to land on the moon is Mr. Neil Armstrong during the year 1969. Along with him, Edwin Buzz also landed the moon. The U.S flag was deployed during their visit. As there is no wind and water in the moon, the footsteps laid by the astronauts will stay there for at least 10 million years.

You can see different phases of the moon from the earth. The moon does not change its brightness. The various stages are considered because of the differences in the angles from which the bright part of the moon is visible for people on earth. Moon does not have its light. It reflects the sun’s light, and hence the moon’s phase is determined by the illumination of the sun. New moon can be seen when the moon is in the same direction as the sun, and full moon can be seen when the entire visible part of the moon is illuminated by the sun. The new moon and the full moon alternate in two weeks.

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